Welcome to PB Web Easy

The basic idea behind the concept of PB Web Easy is to use the PowerBuilder development environment to learn about the features of PowerBuilder and it's Datawindow technology for building web applications.

To make it as simple as possible, it should support the developer to get work results as fast as possible - without first learning a complex framework and how to install and deploy to an application server.

Because the basic source code is "open source", it offers all degrees of freedom to get in touch with web application development and the Datawindow technology.

PB Web Easy does not replace an application server, but enables you to use PowerBuilder for writing small web applications.

Beta Screenshots

Some Screenshots of the example application (beta).

Inital Public Release and Live Demo

Initial Public (Open Source) Release is scheduled for November, 2007.

Demo-WebSite is online since June 1, 2007.

Supported Platforms

The current version supports PowerBuilder 9 - 12.5.2 (Windows 32-bit runtime platform only).

Supported Web Servers

Because PB Web Easy implements the common gateway interface (CGI), it should run on several web servers, even though the Apache HTTP Server is used for the actual development process. The server you are actually accessing is a shared Windows Server 2003.

Supported Databases

Because you are running a PowerBuilder application, the access to a wide range of database providers is possible, last but not least MySQL.


So yes! This is a new 'P' in WAMP.